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My most beautiful thing


Life had so much to offer,

So many beautiful things.

They got supplanted all

The day you were born.


The apple of my eyes

For a score and three years

Your beautiful smile,

Brought sunshine each and every day.


Along came Prince Charming,

Band, baaja, baraat…

Mother-in-law et al,

Took you away from Dad.


A new family you have,

Fresh challenges beckon you.

The focus of your smile

Has shifted….

But you still are and will be

My most beautiful thing!


Today I’m taking part in the My Most Beautiful Thing Blogsplash to celebrate beautiful things – inspired by Fiona Robyn’s new novel, The Most Beautiful Thing. Bloggers from all over the world are taking part and writing or posting pictures of their most beautiful things today. Find out more here and see everyone else’s blog posts here