5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 3

  1. shail

    Flock of pink flamingos
    their reflection in the water that flows
    far off blue-green mountains
    a strip of green grass
    the sky and the clouds above
    criss-cross patterns in the water below…

    …and everything captured neatly in a single frame by the photographer’s lens.

    Lucky us, that you could be where you were to capture this with the lens for us; luckier you that you could capture this all with the greatest of cameras, your own eyes, for yourself. 🙂

    Errr…. ummm… ‘Wordless’ Wednesday did you say?? Sorry! 😛

  2. Asmita

    Wow I remember we spent hours watching the beautiful colorful bird. The synchronized flying of birds was the scene one shouldn’t miss. And our son collecting the bright red feathers to gift to friends as memento…


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