Darling, The Doctor said you will never see again. . It was so shattering. For whom shall I look beautiful now? The eyes that glowed while looking at me shall never gleam. No longer will I bask in their warmth.

I wanted to be Gandhari. I went out with bandaged eyes to “see” how and what it is to be blind. Everything was so dark and gloomy. But then hasn’t some one said that eyes deceive you the most?  Who needs them to ‘feel’ and know the reality of this world? I had never gotten closer to this branch I held in my hands. My eyes always told me what they saw about it. I was always distant. Today I went really close to it. Felt it. Smelt it. It was so wonderful. It was as if the branch had embraced me, accepted me. It touched, not just my skin but my heart, in fact my whole being. You know what; I had never realized our neighbor Sunita had such a lovely laugh. It was like listening to a musical instrument playing delicate notes. I could tell you about so many things my ‘all seeing’ eyes had blinded me about.

But why am I writing you all this when you couldn’t read it, and your ‘Gandhari’ wouldn’t? Darling, everything was all so dark and gloomy, so I went out again to touch the rose.

It felt wonderful and smelt wonderful, but it was sad too.

I asked it, “Why are you sad?”

It said “You haven’t said ‘Cool… what a lovely pink”

Yes darling then I realized we would not be able to savor the ‘colors’ of life. I will be your lost fifth sense and I will be your ‘Neha’ from now on and not your ‘Gandhari’.

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21 thoughts on “Gandhari

  1. Jasmin Christensen

    Yes, it’s amazing how so many go through life “blind” to what is there in front of them.. whether it be sight, sound or even emotions …. I wonder how many of us can say that we truly can “see”?

  2. adreamygal

    This was the most beautiful story I have read of all the entries till now 🙂 A different take , presented so beautifully , with perfect flow o emotions . Lovely ! 🙂

  3. Mary

    Aww I like this interpretation very much. You can feel all of the senses of the woman in the picture. It is an overflow of emotions through her thoughts. It makes you sense through her unseeing eyes all the things in life we overlook,day to day even our own weaknesses.

  4. nir

    gandhari… very prophetic… always found gandhari a very powerful character… pity shes lost among the more glamourous aspects of mahabharata… nice modern take.
    all the best for ssc and do stop by my entry as well

    1. Vivek Post author

      Yes Gandhari’s character was not dealt with fully in the original text. But there are books based on the Mahabharata where the supporting cast so to say have been more developed. Ranjit Desai’s ‘Radheya’ about Karna is one such book. It is in Marathi but I am sure there are translations in almost all Indian languages including English. So there are chances there is a book about Gandhari too. I would definitely like to comment on your entry. Problem is I cannot access blogspot. If you can send me a copy via email at least I will be able to vote considering all entries. A friend has sent most entries by copying them (a rather tedious task) but your entry was not there. My email is thaokarvivek[at]gmail[dot]com

  5. Venky

    Another different post liked it very much. I liked the use of Gandhari and this line was amazing “I will be your lost fifth sense and I will be your ‘Neha’ from now on and not your ‘Gandhari’”

  6. Tuppence

    Such a lovely interpretation of the picture.
    Loved it.
    Blindfolded oneself to go through what a loved one is going through.
    And doing that with an open mind and realizing one of the biggest mistakes one makes in life…To see through the beauty of life and miss the good things.

    1. Vivek Post author

      Tuppence..thanks for coming by and commenting. I wish I could do the same on your blog, but blog spot is out of bounds in Ethiopia.

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