Power of money

The acrid smell of acid was evidence that the factory was a bane for human existence, but surprisingly the residents’ response to his calls for shutting it down was tepid. Another Bhopal was in the making…

Written for Three Word Wednesday.

The words this week: acrid, bane, tepid


10 thoughts on “Power of money

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  2. Govind

    All the greed we see today and the deceit and the pelf
    were definitely not taken off some old book shelf
    they were all waiting for a chance to come out of our self
    and to blame the past to say history sure does repeat itself.

    Actually this is a comment I wrote for some other blog but felt it was apt here too. Vivek, good work,short and sweet.

  3. Ann

    Short-term profits often seem to take precedence over the long-term good. To some degree it’s human nature, but that doesn’t mean we can do no better.

  4. shail

    The tepid reaction that is a bane to the very existence of us humans leaves an acrid taste in the mouth. Short and well done as usual 🙂

    1. Vivek Post author

      Hey Shaila. sorry for the late reply to your comment. Problem is I did not look at this page for a long time. You must be thinking I am ignoring you…and you have a right to think so..I am not ignoring you buddy..it just happened. Thanks for reading it and tweeting it too.


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