Butterfly tales

Thursday was the second day of my visit to Demeka, the Project site in one of the remotest corners of Ethiopia. I was on an inspection round of the road we are constructing. Quite a few things regarding progress had frustrated me. My mood was foul and so was the weather. The heat was unbearable so I moved into a shade of trees bordering the road. The client’s comments regarding progress and the rental machinery owners’ demands for long pending payments were ringing in my ears when my eyes wandered off to a grassy patch. It was teeming with life, a colorful world full of flowers and butterflies.

I am not the kind to sit and admire nature and its amazing creations and then write poems about it a la Wordsworth with his ‘Daffodils’. Even as a child I had never understood why some kids ran after butterflies and then kept them in bottles. Such a waste of precious time that could have been better utilized playing cricket, football or even marbles. But these winged beauties held a strange fascination for me that day. My problems were receding into the back ground as one by one these wonderful creations unfolded themselves.

The fragile beauty and the stunning combination of just two colours was so beautiful that I clicked this guy from various angles. He seemed to be caressing the flower into giving away its nectar.

This one almost fooled me into thinking it was a flower.

They were literally in danger of losing their lives any moment, what with so many predatory birds hovering around to gobble them, yet they refused to fade away and were enjoying their moment in the sun. It was as if they were beckoning me to push my problems away and celebrate the miracle called life.

Different colors different combinations, but the same stunning looks.

This guy was so frisky it took me an hour to capture him on film. Talk about teaching patience.

This one looks as if Nature the ultimate painter has so casually painted a masterpiece.

There were so many more different colors and combinations, but they were too fast for my slow photography reflexes used to capturing heavy machinery at work. This was one day I wished I had a good camera and better camera skills.

I have now understood the joy felt by the kids running after butterflies and I enjoyed these moments of respite away from the ever-present demands of modern life. I hope some of that joy will rub off on you.

8 thoughts on “Butterfly tales

  1. shail

    Your post reminds me of a rhyme, or part there of, that lingers in my memory:
    “Butterflies are pretty things,
    Prettier than you and me…”
    I am sure it goes on to say more about these lovely creatures, but I am afraid I don’t know the rest of it.
    You have captured some real beauties here Vivek. The last one reminds me of a dress I have. Hmm… now I know from where they stole the idea.

  2. Indian Homemaker

    I never approved of butterflies being caught and kept in bottles or Match Boxes (they did when I was a kid) – but love the idea of capturing them on film 🙂

    I find it almost impossible to take butterfly shots, I shot some moths once during the rains, they had come inside our house and died, and those were beautiful too.

    These are lovely shots, worth all the effort! Hope to see more such pictures here 🙂

    1. Vivek Post author

      Thanks for visiting IHM. Yea I disliked those who put them in bottles. You are right they are very skittish and one needs lots of patience, which at least I do not have.

  3. Asmita

    Thats just amazing…. they have so many colors.. looks like a paint’s advertisement… well you know good photography..dear!!!

  4. Asmita

    Its amazing creature. They look like painted for a Paint’s adv. Well you know good photography dear!


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