Lucifer’s savior

The journey of life
Had reached…
The station “Paradox”
Everything moved..but..
without forward motion
The paths had themselves
become destinations..
Lost for a goal
restless was the soul
Somewhere in the middle
The space for dreams
was invaded by the “means”
But then one day
In his restless meandering
Lucifer found an angel
to assist his stranded boat
finally find its mooring
My love… you entered my life
First a nascent ray
then a beam
and now… bright eternal sunshine
What is the attraction?
Physical beauty… or
Pure fascination
For things unknown
Deep into our eyes
we wish to gaze
But are we ready
For the depths
They possess
Ah ! But these questions
are mere milestones
marking the path
For two kindred souls
Seeking eternal union…

– Vivek Thaokar

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