Seven Random Things

Oh well I have been tagged (albeit with my permission) by Shaila and have to say seven random things about me. Now, seven is a big number for a commonplace guy like me. Frankly what is there in my personality to tell? I was born, got married, procreated and will die. Cipher, that’s me. Oops I have already said four random things about me or is that five?  Hmm, anyways here are a few more if anyone cares to read.

  • I am the greatest lover in the world. It can be seen by the way I love myself.
  • I love mangoes but I always have to eat my own words.
  • I am fat and pot-bellied.
  • I have many words but cannot put them in one single coherent sentence to make sense to the person I love.
  • I love Cricket (another not so ‘in’ thing intellectually)
  • Books are where I forgot myself, unfortunately I have forgotten them.
  • Oh lest I forget…the golden color of Whiskey is my favorite.

Does anybody care to be tagged by me now?? Ok I will tag the following




My Shadow

My Ego

My Id

My Superego

6 thoughts on “Seven Random Things

  1. Govind

    Vivek, this is not fair. You have copied my 7 random things and put them on your blog. Especially when I have told Shail that I will not do the tag.:)

    1. Vivek Post author

      Your fault Govind, should have copyrighted them. There is a flip side to it. Now Shaila will know Seven Random things about you too.

  2. shail

    Thanks for doing the tag Vivek. A wee bit self-critical methinks. Either you were in the golden glow of your fav Whiskey or else you were sorely missing it. BTW. who on earth are all those people you have tagged??!!! They look quite an interesting bunch to me. Am I allowed to ask for an intro to them??! 🙂

    1. Vivek Post author

      You have my full authority to do so Maddy (as if you need it lol) 16 eh? I was thinking it was about 15 only.


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