A morsel of ‘Redemption’

“It was a typical peak hour morning at Churchgate station as the 9:23 fast local groaned to a halt and disgorged its contents as if it hated their very smell. People debarked at such speed that Anand, who was waiting for an acquaintance, felt it was a great reptile bleeding copiously. The crowds jostled towards the exit.

Suddenly he saw a face that stirred long gone memories. Memories of a slim, young, wide eyed youth now buried in layers of fat, his innocence covered with the garbage the world had thrown at him over the years. Memories he’d imagined would accompany him on his lonely upward journey.

Sameer Chugh was moving in the metronomic manner of a coiled spring toy which only a Mumbaite can perfect “Hi Sameer,” Anand called out.

A puzzled look greeted him, and then suspicion gave way to sudden recognition which is so common amongst long lost school chums. Sameer’s face lit up “Arre Anand!! Where are you yaar? Wonderful seeing you after so many years. What are you doing these days…? “ ………. (more)

Excerpts from the second story ‘Redemption‘  that I have posted at INDImag for the Kathasagar series. Please do read, comment and rate. Thank you.

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