The 4th peg ~ a sip

It had been a long day and I was at the end of my tether. The stark walls and ceiling of my room in Gujarat Lodge were so depressing that I decided to go out for a drink even if the sun hadn’t yet set. As a rule I never drink before sunset. The skies were dark and threatening to rain any minute. The darkness convinced me it was sunset a la Jaidrath of Mahabharata fame.

The streets of Rajura were empty except for the occasional coal miner scurrying for shelter before it poured. I ducked into the nearest Wine Bar and occupied the first empty table. In our area all bars are named ‘xyz Wine Bar’ even though they never keep any wine. All forms of liquor are called wine

“What a nice way to celebrate Mahashivratri,” I thought……. (more here)

This is my first post here. Yes, after a long time I have written something and posted it at INDImag for their Kathasagar series, a short-story competition. As per rules I can only post excerpts anywhere else right now. If anyone is interested in reading the rest please follow this link: The 4th Peg

You are welcome to comment and rate the story. Thank you

2 thoughts on “The 4th peg ~ a sip

  1. shail

    Welcome to WordPress, Vivek. Have read, commented and rated your story. Wishing you good luck with the competition. Smile… always!


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